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The ¡Tierra!-Project

Lavazzas own social responsibility project ...

¡Tierra! is a social responsibility project launched by Lavazza in 2002 to improve social and environmental conditions, as well as production techniques in small coffee-growing communities. The project is implemented by the Giuseppe & Pericle Lavazza Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has launched and supported 35 projects since its formation.

The ¡Tierra! economic, social and environmental initiatives have steadily improved the living conditions for the communities involved in the project, supporting economic growth and introducing new, more eco-friendly, and more profitable agricultural techniques.

The first phase of ¡Tierra! involved three communities in Peru, Honduras and Colombia and ended successfully in 2009.           

The communities involved have attained full autonomy: today the caficultores are able to sell their product directly, without passing through intermediaries, and all their cultivations have received Rainforest Alliance certification.

The second phase of ¡Tierra!, launched in 2010, involves communities of small local coffee-growers in Brazil, India and Tanzania.

The projects also involve environmental, social and economic initiatives aimed at improving farming practices to support sustainability for the growers and the environment they live in.

The ¡Tierra! project has now also been launched in Vietnam and Ethiopia.